We took over the atrium of Sun Studios to celebrate women of punk with fashion, art, music and power babes.


There’s never been a book quite like Punk Girls, and so it was that in collaboration with leading Sydney photo hub Sun Studios we held the party of all parties. More than 300 of our city’s finest turned out to toast the author, the award-winning (and expertly dressed) Liz Ham, who has spent more than five years putting together this labour of love: an intimate and powerful collection of portraits and documentary that looks at the oft-forgotten people of punk: the ladies.

Super-humans Bam Bam and Mahla Bird electrified the room with a performance like none other, while Venus Vamp dazzled us with her middle-finger to traditional femininity. And then Betty Grumble, showstopper that she is, wrapped it up with artworks made by the dozen. In between, DJ Scarlett Scar and DJ Xerstorkitte kept everyone happy. That’s the case, too, with our friends from the outstanding South Australian winery Ochota Barrels (themselves punks, of course; who else would name a wine after Fugazi?!) and the excellent crew down at Young Henrys, to whom we are forever grateful.

The book is out now in all major bookstores (it’s currently sitting pretty in windows – but not for long!) and it’s a pearler, if we do say so ourselves. See more here.

Photography Donny Dino