Italian menswear brand Ermenegildo Zegna is highlighting its personalised Su Misura made-to-measure experience.

With the Spring Races around the corner, Italian menswear behemoth Ermenegildo Zegna is highlighting its personalised Su Misura made-to-measure experience for the discerning gentleman, as illustrated here by Australian sketch artist Jeffrey Phillips.

Su Misura was first introduced in the seventies, to underscore the importance of fabric—a journey that brings wool from the farms of Australia to the mills in Trivero, Italy, where special weaves continue to be developed and refined. The Zegna Group is currently the only menswear company that is fully vertically integrated, which makes sourcing raw materials a singular and streamlined internal operation. “As a result there are more than five hundred fabrics to choose from, and more than two hundred and fifty shirting cottons in the collection,” the company has said. “From this point onward, the protagonist is the customer.”

All of Zegna’s tailors are trained in the company-owned Su Misura Academy and they carry out fittings wherever the client requires, whether it be in store, at home, or in the office. Once fitted, he receives his order swiftly: within three weeks in Europe, and four weeks in the USA or Asia-Pacific. Ermenegildo Zegna Couture will also be introducing the Broken Suit—a deliberate mismatch of blazer and trousers, cut in the same fabric yet sporting different patterns—for spring 2016. “The Broken Suit enables a man to express his innate elegance and it’s a new way of dressing formally that is impeccably chic,” said a company spokesperson. “It is a new interpretation of luxury.”