Bassike celebrates a milestone in its history by returning to the very beginning with artist Jonathan Zawada.

bassike_10yr_jonathan-zawadaBassike, that favourite of Australian lifestyle fashion labels, has shockingly turned ten years old. Shocking not in its worthiness –
the business is one of the most significant in our industry, of course – but that a decade has gone by since we were first greeted by its now-iconic dot logo, use of beautifully soft fabrics, and easy-to-wear styles. How did we ever live without it? To celebrate the milestone, founders and designers Deborah Sams and Mary-Lou Ryan have collaborated with photographer Beau Grealy to capture portraits of friends of the label, including Jonathan Zawada, the artist behind the logo, pictured in a classic white tee. Marked by a street poster campaign around Sydney, Melbourne, New York and Los Angeles, we’re raising a glass to the next ten from Bassike.