Famed French choreographer Olivier Dubois brings his hypnotic work, Tragédie, to Australian audiences for the first time.

This September, artistic shade house Carriageworks will host the Australian premiere of Tragédie, a 2012 dance composition by famed French choreographer Olivier Dubois. The minimalist work will be comprised of nine men and nine women in a “chorus of hypnotically repetitive movements backed by a pounding bass.” The piece is dually informed by Greek tragedy and the philosophy of Nietzsche, whose adage—“there are no facts, only interpretations”—is the unofficial bedrock of the art.

Nietzsche’s speciality was the human soul straining against sensuous and suffering flesh. It’s one that Dubois shares. In 2011, he was voted as one of the world’s top 25 dancers by Dance Europe magazine, and has performed in numerous pieces by luminaries such as Laura Simi, Charles Cré-Ange, Cirque du Soleil and Dominique Boivin. He has been choreographing independently since 2005. Since January 2014, Dubois has been the director of the Ballet du Nord.

Tragédie will be performed on September 2-3, 8pm at Carriageworks. For more information, and to purchase tickets, head to the event page.