As one of the final shows on the MBFWA resort calendar, Ten Pieces showed a darker side to the harbour city.


Ten Pieces, founded by Bondi restaurateur Maurice Terzini, is a brand like its audience—cool, young, very rich. Last night’s show was presented at Fox Studios, Sydney, and puzzled my driver. But we did see a film. It celebrated the brand’s new collaboration with FitBit Australia, and anyone who has ever stepped foot in Sydney’s eastern suburbs will know that nowhere else in the city exercises more of an aesthetic. The short film’s desert backdrop seemed fitting for the clothes—sandy, earthy, dusty—that were luxuriantly draped around each of the ten models (five women and five men, though the brand is largely unisex). You rarely saw a neck exposed: they were wrapped under molten layers of jersey, silky to the touch. The final procession of models stood still in a lineup that demonstrated inflections of Terzini’s signature monochrome, exquisitely languid, fading in and out like a representation of the Doppler effect.