Australia-born, Los Angeles-based artist Jonathan Zawada will open a new exhibition this week.

The always-excellent Jonathan Zawada will this week open a new solo exhibition at Sydney gallery Sarah Cottier, titled My Sentiments Exactly. Comprising both paintings and a series of installation pieces, the exhibition is expands upon Mr Zawada’s ongoing artistic practice. An extension of his early career (and still forming much of it) as a graphic designer and art director, the artist’s paintings explore notions of graphic effects such as moiré, whereby secondary patterns are superimposed on existing ones as a result of dense lines. When coupled with Mr Zawada’s traditionalist methods of art making – paint on canvas, for example – the works offer an interesting counterpoint to contemporary work, as though Sol LeWitt was making work in the 21st century. Read more about the artist from our cover story.

Jonathan Zawada’s My Sentiments Exactly is on display at Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney until 19 December 2015.

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