Sydney’s leading skin specialist, Melanie Grant, explains her philosophy as part of the Manuscript x Gant series.


Ms Grant wears Gant shirt, Maticevski gown.

“Oh, there are lots of secrets,” says specialist Melanie Grant on the topic of excellent skin. But the thing about Ms Grant, whose namesake skincare clinic – for now located in Double Bay, Sydney, and shortly to expand to Melbourne, and already reaching a vast audience through her online editorial portal – is that she’s most willing to share them. “We’re really pushing to make our skin health services as accessible as possible,” she says.

Melanie Grant Skin has become the go-to clinic for Sydney (and the world’s visiting) elite, offering as it does personalised skin procedures, including advanced and relatively unknown treatments including Fraxel rejuventation, collagen induction therapy and Omnilux restorative light facials. And where some clinicians tend to use such treatments dispassionately, Ms Grant aims to balance art and science to the benefit of her clients with the end goal always of a natural, healthy glow.

“I believe true beauty needs to be clinical, and I started my business because I thought I had something to contribute to that,” she explains of her approach to skin health. Using a range of techniques, equipment and products, Ms Grant leads her practice with the underlying belief that the skin’s purpose is to protect the body. “Lead with this and healthy skin will follow.”

Photography Liz Ham | Styling Jolyon Mason
Make-up Linda Jefferyes | Hair Sophie Roberts