On-the-rise model Nick Truelove has already been photographer for some major campaigns and travelled the world.


Mr Truelove wears Gant shirt.

“When I first started out modeling I never imagined I would be signed around the world, travelling and doing it full-time,” says Nick Truelove. “I am having so much fun already and can’t wait to see what there is for me in the future.” If his striking looks are anything to go by, we dare say rather a lot. The 17-year-old was born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, and after tagging along with his sister to a model discovery competition, he was scouted and subsequently signed to agencies in Sydney, New York, London and Paris, which he explains he “is still finding hard to process.”

While he’s still developing his look, Mr Truelove has already been photographed for some major projects, including a campaign for American Eagle Outfitters in Austin, Texas. “Being part of a huge campaign like that was a massive eye-opener to the opportunities I have in front of me,” he says. “I have met so many cool, down-to-earth people that it never feels like work but [rather] just like I am hanging out having fun.”

Photography Liz Ham | Styling Jolyon Mason
Grooming Linda Jefferyes | Hair Sophie Roberts