British-born Xander Evitts is the latest subject in our ongoing Meet the Model series.

Full name:
Xander Evitts.
Hometown: Corby, England.
Age: 25.
Agency: Priscillas Models.
Instagram: @xanderevitts.
How did you get into modelling? I was previously playing basketball abroad and got injured. I wasn’t doing much so decided to go to London and get some temporary work. A scout approached me and I said no at first – until the prospect of money was mentioned.
What do you like about it? I really like the travel, being able to just pick up and go somewhere new for a few months and meet a whole new community of people. That’s how you learn about living – you realise that there’s more than one way of doing something you learn that just because something is done differently doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong. All that is overlooked when people go on holiday for a week to a resort. If you truly get out there and talk to the locals and share stories, they’ll share some with you too.
Where is next on your agenda? My next long-term stay will be New York, and I’m very much looking forward to that. There’s a very positive vibe there and everyone seems to be approachable.
Favourite musician? Phil Collins. He’s one of the very few artists who seems to have laid down a long career of classic songs that never go out of date.

Photography Richard Sawyer