What makes a house super? The Superhouse exhibition and accompanying book presents the world’s best.

What is that makes a house super? That elevates it beyond the everyday? Is it spectacular views, innovative architecture, a world-class art collection, or a combination of many different factors? In a new exhibition by design writer and author Karen McCartney, aptly titled Superhouse, that question is answered through the photography of Richard Powers (including those in this article), highlighting some of the world’s most extraordinary homes.

From an intimate pre-fab space designed overnight to a revitalised 12th century castle, the Superhouse exhibition and accompanying book comprises both local and international examples, showcasing the images alongside furniture and interviews with architects and design influencers. For the author and curator, the Superhouse exhibition demonstrates how “architectural experimentation and daring can challenge notions of how we should live,” says Ms McCartney. “A superhouse delivers a 360-degree completeness of form, its exterior and interior have a seamless executive and above all else, it is awe-inspiring.”

Superhouse exhibition is on display at Museum of Sydney until 29 November 2015.

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