The Bottega Veneta travel fragrance collection is the perfect ode to the Italian house’s discreet luxury.

Italian luxury goods company Bottega Veneta indulges in escape fantasies – luffing sails, verdant grasslands, arctic mountains, flocculent waves – and the company’s latest venture in fragrance is set to inspire the senses once again. The new Bottega Veneta travel fragrance collection aims to distill the complex alchemy of its signature men’s and women’s fragrances in compact spray bottles that are small enough to fit conveniently into a handbag, a carry-on case, or perhaps a furtive pocket for the itinerant cosmopolites travelling by foot.

Both refillable bottles have been designed to echo the sensual curves of the original flacon. The women’s bottle is rendered in gentle shades of amber with a brunito cap, both of which work harmoniously to evoke the earthiness of Bottega Veneta’s leather goods. These delicate notes are woven with a floral chypre, as well as tinges of bergamot and plum. The men’s bottle is stylised in grey, like the sooty remnants of a roaring fire on the mountainside. And that is precisely where rustic notes of labdanum, fir balsam and bergamot aspire to take its gentlemen – the scent is designed to linger like a volatile cloud.

Each bottle is inspired by Venetian glasswork and the traditional Italian carafe: an elegant bijou that eliminates superfluities and champions the craftsman’s dexterity. The neck supports a leash of buttery leather, and the base is textured with Bottega Veneta’s famous intrecciato weave. “The market will always want you to make a scent that resembles a scent that came before it,” Tomas Maier, the creative director of Bottega Veneta, told the Wall Street Journal. “But that is not my customer. That’s not the man I’m catering to.” Bottega Veneta Luxury Travel Collection spray bottles will be available from David Jones and Bottega Veneta boutiques nationally from August 2015.