The Australian menswear designer collaborates with the well-known grooming brand on a limited edition capsule.

VExLYNX - Chambray
For most twenty- and thirty-something men, Lynx is associated with high school locker rooms and that seemingly slow, awkward trek through puberty. But in the past year, the brand has undergone a radical evolution with the launch of its Black line, a range of more upmarket fragrances and grooming products that are pitched at the grown-up iteration of their original customer. In marking the relaunch, Lynx has engaged popular Australian menswear brand Vanishing Elephant to craft a limited edition collection that encapsulates the grooming brand’s ethos; that is, versatile and timeless pieces that naturally fit in a man’s day-to-day life. “We wanted to offer something unique across all the pieces,” explains Vanishing Elephant co-founder Huw Bennett, “and so we look ed at the small details with each garment, like custom dyes and stitching, that pushed the collection to another level of quality and finish.” Available in hand-numbered quantities from Vanishing Elephant’s Melbourne, Sydney and online stores, the collection is available now.

VExLYNX - Anorak jacket VExLYNX - Chino VExLYNX - Slub tee