Online retailer Farfetch expands its editorial remit with a menswear-dedicated website, following its continued growth.

Online retail never did “have its day”, so to speak. Like most trends, you might have surmised that our collective zeal for shopping for clothes on the internet might have waned at some point, but in truth (numbers talk), it’s only further exploded, usurping the assumption that it’s merely a moment, a fad, and becoming instead an ingrained part of contemporary culture. Farfetch operates a little differently to most online stores in that it doesn’t buy or hold its own stock; instead, it operates more as a vendor platform, operating the digital transactions for boutiques, both big and small, all across the world, allowing you to shop not only by brand and garment but also via the curation afforded by a buyer in Berlin or Brussels, for example.

Today, Farfetch launched a menswear-specific website, tailoring its shopping experience more specifically to the male customer. It follows year-on-year growth of menswear sales which outpaces its respective womenswear growth, with the website now stocking more than 110,000 menswear products. As part of the updated website, Farfetch will publish shopping edits, features and profiles of the various designer it carries, an editorial expansion overseen for the launch by music producer Swizz Beatz (pictured) who has selected a group of talented and sartorially savvy men including perfumer Ben Gorham, calligrapher Nicolas Ouchenir and artist Kehinde Wiley.