French luxury goods house Hermes releases a rather stunning bicycle, The Flaneur, that marries form and function.

Given the strength of its brand in the global luxury market, it really needn’t matter what Hermes does, for there’ll always be a customer that clamours for its wares. But the French house isn’t one to rest on its reputation, dedicating its energy instead to high quality materials and construction coupled with design innovation and elegance. Those elements comprise its “Flaneur” bicycle, celebrated in the above video, which has just been released. Hermes is historically a travel brand – its motif a horse and cart – so it makes sense that it should create something as enduringly relevant as a bicycle, a form of social enjoyment and accessible transport. The “Flaneur” is finished with a removable bull calf bag with a miniature toolkit and puncture repair kit, all cased in leather, which can be attached to the back of the seat. Form and function, indeed.