The artist (and actor and musician) returns to Australia to present a new solo exhibition and much-anticipated talk.


Renaissance man Noah Taylor returns to Australia this month to present a new solo exhibition and, while he’s in town, a talk as part of Semi-Permanent. Most people know Mr Taylor for his work on screen as an actor – perhaps most visibly and recently in Game of Thrones – but his art, like music, is a true representation of his artistic spirit. “As I am a control freak I like music and painting as it is entirely my thing,” he explained to Manuscript. And his paintings, which will be showcased in his solo exhibition, Alone Together at Olsen Irwin Gallery (until 30 May 2015), are hauntingly beautiful, perhaps ghoulish portraits that, despite their relatively simple construction, convey a strong sense of emotion. “People often say my art is dark, although I never see that myself, even the ones that involve hangings. A lot of those ones are based loosely on historical events, but for the main they are, I guess, what you’d call unconscious or subconscious images that float around my head.”

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