This German-born, global-roaming model loves his job for the travel and experiences it offers, like visiting Down Under.

Hometown: Berlin.
Agency: Priscillas (Australia); Bananas (Paris); Soul Artist Management (New York).
How did you get into modelling? I never planned on becoming a model, but a photographer discovered me at my university. In the beginning, it was a chance to travel and see the world, and I have been to a lot of places now. In the past few years I’ve had more experiences than in the 24 years before, and that’s amazing. It teaches you a lot if you’re open for a lesson.
Where would you most like to travel that you haven’t already? I would love to go to Cuba as soon as possible, before it’s completely opened up to the west. I would also like to travel through South America and visit all my friends there. Apart from that, I definitely want to come back to Australia and stay longer than just a few days.
Favourite band? I don’t have one favourite, but I’ve always listened to The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan.
What do you do in your spare time? I need to do sports to feel healthy and keep myself in balance. I work out at the gym but I also like to be on the football field with friends. I also like to read and write, as it’s a good way to reflect on yourself.

Photography Richard Sawyer