A series of visually stunning sculptures by artist Todd Robinson lead us to question the boundaries of gravity and physics.

Todd Robinson, experiments in natural philosophy_equipoise in black #2_equipoise in pink #1
There’s something so incredibly engaging about the sculptures that Todd Robinson makes that you just want to reach out and touch them, their disparate energies akin to our own moods. In his iconic balloons, for instance, the natural force of gravity appears to weigh them down, as though the air inside isn’t enough to keep them buoyant; in contrast, his ropes curl and coil along the ground before shooting up into the space above, defying the physical laws to which they are subjected. “It’s the contradiction between lightness and heaviness,” explains the artist ahead of the opening of his new solo exhibition, Experiments in Natural Philosophy, at Galerie Pompom. The works featured expand upon those Mr Robinson showed at Sydney Contemporary in 2013. “There’s more scale and a bit more complexity in the way they’re responding to gravity,” he says.

Todd Robinson

Todd Robinson’s Experiments in Natural Philosophy is on display at Galerie Pompom until 24 May 2015.