March 6, 2013

Issue VI - From the Editor

I am honoured that Rohan Furnell, a dancer in the Australian Ballet, graces our autumn 2013 cover. While not an obvious choice for a cover, Mr Furnell is a creative artist whose dedication to and passion for his craft is plainly evident in our extensive photographic series, captured by Australian-born, Paris-based photographer Justin Cooper. 

For this shoot, we invited some of the country's leading tailors to deconstruct their suiting - or rather, stop mid-way through creating it - so that we might visually document the craftsmanship behind these complex garments. With Mr Furnell's skill, we're able to see suiting - that timeless cornerstone of a man's wardrobe - in an entirely new light. And after all, isn't that what a fashion magazine is supposed to do? 

Dance, as any punter that has witnessed a ballet company in action knows, is a highly rigorous activity, requiring absolute physical and mental dedication. Modeling, on the hand, often gets a bad rap, deemed a frivolous activity and its subjects vague. But in exploring what goes into certain crafts, we profile leading Australian models Jordan and Zac Stenmark who, as a dual force, are evidence to the contrary. 

Having worked solidly for close to two years with a schedule that requires them near seven days a week year-round and to be on planes for a serious portion of their waking hours, Messrs Stenmark challenge the theory that modeling is an air-headed business. The Sydney-born twin brothers are keenly aware of fashion's big-business potential, and in cleverly employing social media platforms to raise their profiles, have every chance of carving themselves a big piece of that piece. 

In a special feature, writer Jonathan Seidler pens a personal account of the famed Rose Seidler House, the Wahroonga residence that Australia's most famous architect, Harry Seidler, built for his parents over 1949 and 1950, and in which Jonathan's father lived as a child. Photographer Saskia Wilson's similarly personal documentation of the building, which remains a tourist attraction and design benchmark, makes this feature one for the archives. 

Until next time-

Issue VI is available nationally on Friday 08 March 2013.
Portrait (above) Bowen Arico